Comparing Coequals via Computers

I feel compelled to write about a few things that are pressing on our generation.  First, I want to address the fact that I am being completely hypocritical about this topic, since I am actually USING social media to write my thoughts.  Social media has its pros when it comes to connecting with long lost friends, keeping up with current events, and wanting to communicate an idea across a broad audience.

But there are several downfalls to social media that I think we all know to be true, but tend to not focus enough attention to.  I also want to address that I am a hypocrite because I will spend my time waiting on the bus or in a line perusing facebook or instagram just to pass the time.  What I need to add is that I know full and well that while I am doing this, I sometimes hurt myself.  It’s like eating unhealthy food, just a temporary delight when you know subconsciously it’s no good.

So here’s the bottom line:

I want to know if people agree.  I find, in my 20s, putting a lot of pressure on myself.  I think that it is normal for a woman to have an internal biological clock, and to have funny “timeline thoughts,” but these thoughts can become unhealthy when exposed to constant comparison with peers.  Ignorance is certainly bliss, and when we live in a time where there is immediate exposure all the time, ignorance is a hard thing to achieve.  Our whole lives we are raised to complete specific steps, reach a next grade, get a license, graduate high school, get summer jobs, graduate college, etc.  But when you reach a certain point in your 20s, you reach an odd crossroad where you’re not exactly given a next step and the people you have associated yourself with for the past two decades are all off doing different things.  Then you are left with typical uncertainties like “is this the job I want?” “should I go to graduate school?” “Why am I not engaged?” “Where do I want to live?” The presence of social media has left us with an exponential amount of pressure.  I don’t care how confident you are with yourself and your decisions, picking up your phone and seeing how accomplished your ex boyfriend or ex best friend is makes you feel like you should be doing something different.

Our generation is the first generation where a college degree is basically standard and we have tiny little computers at our daily exposure to constantly compare our life accomplishments with others.  Social media has turned more into a contest of who’s life is better than whose.  I realize this is a very cynical point of view, but it would be interesting to see if people posted the actual day to day issues people are dealing with rather than their gigantic diamond ring or their amazing vacation.

I don’t mean to rant, but I needed to type out my thoughts with things I struggle with.  Misery also loves company, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone sometimes.  Maybe this is  just a good food for thought if you are feeling down about yourself because your ex is engaged with an amazing job, or your childhood friend seems to have a “perfect life” while you feel stuck in your first job.

ImageIgnorance is bliss, focus on loving passionately whatever you are doing and the people you are sharing your life with.  Life is too short for us to be staring at tiny computers thinking about how are lives are not up to par with our peer’s.  Make your life what you are passionate about and be happy for others who are doing the same.  

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