Hopeless Romantic

A pretty personal poem… but it is probably important to share.  People feel comfort in what they can relate to.

As todays turn to tomorrows, the air becomes colder

Looking into the mirror, I grow older

It’s a blow to my chest when I remember what was

It’s shredding to the heart when I realize its fuzz

As if love never ensued

Cynical thoughts of love being so crude

Envelop my mind, leave me without hope

Turning to outlets, mere ways to cope

Being in love makes us truly feel whole

How do you replace it when it is stole?

When is it time to heal the scar?

When do you know you have come too far?

The future is bright and my spirit is bursting

For true love is what I am clandestinely thirsting

The hole will be filled in this derelict heart

For every soul eventually discovers its counterpart.

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