# 83 Up and #408 Drink the Best Tea from China

# 408 Drink the Best Tea from China

So I want to apologize upfront if my writing seems sporadic and hyper, because this tea REALLY gets the blood pumping!  I also want to apologize, I can’t lie to you, this number is kind of made up.  I decided that this bucket list is open to amendments when interesting things are placed in before me.  Basically Tim’s, my boyfriend’s, roommate went to several Asian countries for his job and brought home a few souvenirs.  One of them being ‘Long Jing’ tea.  It is considered one of the best tea drinks in China.  This may not sound very exciting, but this is definitely the most alive a drink has made me feel!  It makes you feel rejuvenated and clean inside.  I mean if drinking hot water that has been doused in real Long Jing tea leaves doesn’t cleanse your body with a million antioxidants then I don’t know what does.  Like I said I may be a little too hyper right now, but you should try it! Hopefully one day I will get the chance to drink Long Jing tea on Chinese soil.

#83 Up

So this is number 83 on the IMDb list and not necessarily my bucket list because… i am not on my computer!  The movie was great!  I don’t want to ruin the movie for you but, old people in movies are my weakness… so expect this movie have a few sad moments.  It was a perfect length though, about an hour and a half so it’s easy to sit down and watch it.  People had already warned me about the sadness factor in the movie, so I think I was mentally prepared for it.  Therefore, I didn’t cry as much as I expected.  This is good news considering sometimes I am an uncontrollable crier in movies.  Anyways, great movie watch it anytime because it’s short enough and bring some tissues if you’re anything like me.

P.S. Fun fact:  Tim’s roommate also brought home Kopi Luwak coffee beans, the same ones that Jack Nicholson feened over in the movie “The Bucket List.”  Coincidence?

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