# 83 Up and #408 Drink the Best Tea from China

# 408 Drink the Best Tea from China

So I want to apologize upfront if my writing seems sporadic and hyper, because this tea REALLY gets the blood pumping!  I also want to apologize, I can’t lie to you, this number is kind of made up.  I decided that this bucket list is open to amendments when interesting things are placed in before me.  Basically Tim’s, my boyfriend’s, roommate went to several Asian countries for his job and brought home a few souvenirs.  One of them being ‘Long Jing’ tea.  It is considered one of the best tea drinks in China.  This may not sound very exciting, but this is definitely the most alive a drink has made me feel!  It makes you feel rejuvenated and clean inside.  I mean if drinking hot water that has been doused in real Long Jing tea leaves doesn’t cleanse your body with a million antioxidants then I don’t know what does.  Like I said I may be a little too hyper right now, but you should try it! Hopefully one day I will get the chance to drink Long Jing tea on Chinese soil.

#83 Up

So this is number 83 on the IMDb list and not necessarily my bucket list because… i am not on my computer!  The movie was great!  I don’t want to ruin the movie for you but, old people in movies are my weakness… so expect this movie have a few sad moments.  It was a perfect length though, about an hour and a half so it’s easy to sit down and watch it.  People had already warned me about the sadness factor in the movie, so I think I was mentally prepared for it.  Therefore, I didn’t cry as much as I expected.  This is good news considering sometimes I am an uncontrollable crier in movies.  Anyways, great movie watch it anytime because it’s short enough and bring some tissues if you’re anything like me.

P.S. Fun fact:  Tim’s roommate also brought home Kopi Luwak coffee beans, the same ones that Jack Nicholson feened over in the movie “The Bucket List.”  Coincidence?

Not a bucket list, just a sappy entry

This is not about bucket list events, because let’s face it they don’t happen everyday.  I just felt an inspiration to write.

When did life get so selfish?  When did all of my thoughts just become about myself?  I want to just live for other people, but how do you do that when you are trying to figure out your own life?

I guess I just wish things were more simple.  Day in and day out I am working towards an invisible goal.  I chose an extremely difficult major where I don’t fit the mold and extremely doubt I will pursue a career in.  I like to stay positive and think about the endless possibilities I will have post-graduation, but it’s scary to think I still have no idea.  It’s times like these that I wish I were still back-packing.  You did not need to be a genius to be accepted, or a status to get you higher.  All you needed was a fire inside to do something.

Somewhere inside there is a raging fire to be the absolute best.  I want to make a name for myself and show that there was a purpose I was put on this earth. I want to blow the socks off of a competitor and I would do anything to get there.  The problem is, I have no idea where to channel this energy.  I don’t just want to be a floater.  I just want something I would be really good at, it’s depressing just being mediocre at things you don’t really enjoy.  Sorry for a depressing entry…I just have been doing a lot of thinking. 

This desire will ALWAYS guide me somewhere.  I have to keep it alive and hopefully the fire will turn into a torch that shows me where to go.  Never let your emotions go because they make you who you are.  When you let them go you are just ignoring them.  Never let your heart freeze over, empathy is the most important trait to have.  Love others with all your heart and maybe your future will be shown to you when you are not looking.

Must See Top 250 Movies #167, 178, 366, 371, 372

# 167 American Beauty

So this movie I remember vaguely seeing as a little girl.  Of course I didn’t understand everything, and obviously was not allowed to see the whole thing considering it has some inappropriate scenes.  The movie is amazing.  It actually makes me think of the TV show happening now “Breaking Bad.”  The story line is a bit melancholy and reminds the viewer of the typical American rat race we find ourselves in sometimes.  Everything about is unconventional and it leaves you with thoughts of confusion and a desire to stay out of day in and day out normalcy.

#178 A Clockwork Orange

So this movie was just as trippy and disturbing as I thought it would be, but that’s why it was good.  The story line was great and I always think there is something special about movies made in the 70’s.  The Beethoven music in the background was an amazing touch through the whole movie.

# 366 Mulholland Dr

Honestly this movie didn’t do it for me.   I thought the first scene was interesting and I could see it going somewhere but then there were too many unrelated stories.  This should not have spoiled anything, but everyone was basically a no name actor except for Naomi Watts.  The acting was not believable and I found it so corny that I didn’t watch the whole thing.  It was surprising to know that the movie was made in 2001, it seemed like 1992.  Anyways, maybe I wasn’t patient enough but I did not want to watch 3 hours of bad acting. : (

# 371 Shutter Island

Absolutely amazing.  The only reason it is so low on the list is that it just came out and it has not had enough time to climb the ladder.  DiCaprio is, yet again, unreal!  Not to mention Mark Ruffalo was awesome and when to my high school!! I don’t want to spoil to movie for you, but take my advice and watch this on a rainy day.  It is a little on the long side and also a little depressing but it is worth paying attention to every second because it all plays a role in the plot.  I actually watched this movie twice in a week, it’s worth it.

# 372 Monsters, Inc.

Yes, this is on the list!  I watched this movie obviously before, but probably enjoyed it more as an adult.  Pixar is genius.  Did you that they came up with every movie in one sitting?  Anyways there are four or five of their movies on this list.  The idea of monsters living in a world and using children screams as their energy source is amazing.  Such an intelligent thought that not only kids will find amusing but probably more so adults.  Pixar movies are worth watching again when you are older… actually any Disney movie for that matter.