Long Time NO Talk

The title speaks for itself, it has been a VERY long time since this blog has been touched…btw…

Australia was a dream.  This is it for a nutshell:  Tim and I took a semester off from school and backpacked along the way.  We made friends from all around the world, went skydiving, had absolutely no technology or cosmetics, scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, pet kangaroos, went to the Steve Irwin Zoo, lived on a boat for 4 days, worked at a travel agency for 2.5 weeks, went up the East Coast then to Melbourne, surfed the Australian coast, swam with sharks (in the wild), went to a theme park…and the list goes on and on.  Most importantly though, as my passages have said before, we found a whole new side of life.  We discovered a deeper meaning and an endless search of possibilities.  We realize now that almost anything is manageable and our lives are much bigger than the tiny snow globe we place it in.  I remember the very first night we spent in Sydney.  We shared an 8 person room and one girl in particular, from England, told us about the travel bug.  I didn’t get it before, but I completely understand it now.  But my bug has taken on more than just travelling…..

I have decided to make my life a complete bucket list.

So I decided to bring back this blog to help share the adventures and most importantly record my thoughts.  I have compiled a list of over 400 items on my list, and I have every intention of doing them no matter what it takes.  There is only this one life and it is my goal to make sure to see and do the most I can with it.  I think that laying out all the items on the list would ruin the fun, so I will just tell you as I go what number they are and how it went down.  Ready for a journey?

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