So basically I have been a very busy woman… as always.  My class takes up about 40 hours a week, I work 20 hours a week plus give presentations and write papers for my job, and try to continue a social life with it all.  I work about 14 hours a day.  I am not trying to complain because I am used to working hard and I love being busy, but it’s funny how I am always just “trying to get through it.”  I work hard to have my weekends or my breaks.  When I really think about it, it is pretty pathetic that I am trying to  just “get through” a little over half of my week.  I am not ashamed and I certainly feel like I am making a difference, but I need to find a passion that I am excited to spend doing half of my time.

Anyways… I just thought I would fill you in, I am trying to get myself in shape for the trip.  Because we plan on biking around, I am working out almost everyday.  I am also TRYING to get used to grazing on food every 2 hours rather than eating large meals.  I will be going home for a few weeks after summer school to spend time with my family try to save up some more money.  Anyone need a babysitter?! 🙂  There has been a lot of planning and community service projects will be starting really soon.  I already feel more passion about the services I am about to do than anything I have ever done.  I will try to keep you updated!

I love hearing anybody’s feed back… and if anybody has a bike let me know 🙂 haha…wow sorry I am a little tired typing thisss….

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  1. alex weaver
    Jul 28, 2009 @ 14:27:10

    great job w the blog, i love hearing your thoughts! i have a bike, albeit a pretty shitty one.. its jo snows old one and is at my house in blacksburg right now, i think.. its a old cruiser so give me a call if you want it!


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