the value of things mean more than just green paper

If there has been one thing that I really appreciate my parents doing, it has been teaching me the value of money.  When I say this, I don’t mean to say that I have nothing and I have had to work illegally under child labor to wear the clothes on my back.  I realize that I am privileged in some areas, and that my parents have worked hard to be able to support me.  But that’s the thing, even though they can support me they chose to make me start job hunting at the age of 14.  Even though I was getting paid under the table by my uncle working at a sub shop, I learned that money wasn’t just given to me and that the value of things mean more than just green paper.   As much as I have appreciated learning about the value of money… I can’t wait to live a life where money really means nothing.

kelly-george washington

It’s funny how I look at daily things way differently now.  I realize what I do and do not need.  I have learned to successfully buy two weeks worth of groceries for $30 (seriously).  Filling up my car tank is by no means a necessity when I can ride a perfectly punctial (AND FREE) bus.  I have never been known as a big spender and I rarely ever go shopping, but yet I could fill this blog entry with things that I use daily, that I do not need.  You really learn to prioritize between your needs and your wants when your life needs to fit into a backpack.

My intentions are to find that even if I had the money to stay in an extravagent hotel on the beach with endless pooliside activities and margaritas, that it would never bring me the happiness of changing somebody’s life with 20 dollars to my name.

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  1. camerongwaltney
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 13:48:11


    (this was back when you apparently had a crush on me…still don’t buy it!)


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