The Mission

Sooo… you are probably wondering what all of this insightful writing was about.  Haha, I mean I probably sound a little insane… but let’s just say I have had a recent epiphony.  I realized that I am tired of hearing about things and saying “O my gosh that it so awesome, I wanna do it!”  It is time to make words into actions.. so here we go!

I am taking this fall semester off of school to backpack Australia.  I am going with Tim because we both have had this same passion to see the world and change it for the better.  We will be traveling with other people from hostel to hostel and we will learn to camp out and fend for ourselves. Our main focus of this trip is community service, and changing lives for the better.  We are going to work with Habitat for Humanity, going to children’s hospitals, hospitals and nursing homes in general, and ANYTHING else that we want to help with.  This trip is about discovering another culture and doing everything for other people, while in the process discovering ourselves.  We will only own what we can carry on our backs and will be biking from location to location like nomads.  We will go down the coastline and of course take pit stops at beautiful surfing locations.  I will learn exactly what it is like to care nothing about my appearance and only focus on what really matters in life.  I cannot wait to change the world, one life at a time.

picture 3

I decided to make this blog to release my feelings and keep a record of what is going on.  If you have ever been to Australia, been backpacking, or are affiliated with a service project PLEASE contact me.  We are always looking for input and having connections is the best way to really make something happen across the world.  I appreciate anybody’s help.

I love people, I love God, I love this wonderful chance to live. 🙂

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